Using a wide range of processes and technologies—including many capabilities our competition cannot match—plus our material expertise and technologically-advanced facilities, Gabriel has manufactured hundreds of custom products for companies across a wide range of industries.

Our core manufacturing process technologies allow us to custom manufacture an extensive number of products.

These core technologies include:

  • Acyl Chlorination
  • Alkylation
  • Amination
  • Chlorination
  • Cyanation
  • Diels-Alder
  • Epoxidation
  • Etherification
  • Esterification
  • Formylation
  • Friedel-Crafts
  • Nucleophilic Substitutions
  • Halogenation
  • Mercaptans
  • Polymerization
  • Polysulfides
  • Sulfonation
  • Transesterification