Gabriel’s two manufacturing plants, located in Ashtabula, OH and Rock Hill, SC, are equipped to handle shipping, receiving and storage of raw materials and finished products in drums, totes, isotainers, tank trucks and railcars. We work with you to coordinate logistical solutions ideally suited to your needs. The result is unmatched convenience, control, safety and cost effectiveness.

Our infrastructure includes:

  • Bulk rail (Ashtabula location only) and bulk truck loading and unloading capabilities
  • Isotainer loading and unloading capabilities
  • Bulk liquid tank storage farms
  • Equipped and experienced to handle a broad range of hazardous materials
  • State-of-the-art ground water remediation system that protects against possible environmental impact
  • Potable, raw lake, deionized and cooling tower water
  • Natural gas
  • Steam at 125 psig
  • Bulk nitrogen
  • Refrigerated water system at 1-10 °C
  • Vacuum systems down to 5 mmHg absolute
  • Compressed air at 100 psig
  • Hot Oil Unit, 120 KW, 280°C Max, 400,000 BTU/HR
  • Permitted ethanol storage