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Gabriel Identifies Beneficial Use for Manufacturing By-Product

June 2020

Gabriel Performance Products (“Gabriel”), a leading U.S.-based specialty chemicals company serving the coatings, adhesives, and composite end-markets, identifies beneficial use for a manufacturing by-product previously disposed of as waste.

Gabriel’s Ashtabula, OH plant manufactures polymercaptan curing agents. A by-product of the manufacturing process is a dilute sulfidic water solution. Historically, this solution was treated as waste. Gabriel’s R&D and EHS teams worked with a variety of partners to identify potential beneficial re-use opportunities for this material. Ultimately, Gabriel identified an opportunity for this by-product to be redirected for use as a raw material for the pulp and paper mill industry.

By working with external partners, Gabriel was able to find an innovative outlet for the material and to reduce the volume of by-product it was disposing of. Gabriel’s commitment to environmental stewardship and continuous improvement led to this favorable outcome.

Gabriel has experienced substantial growth through the introduction of its broad portfolio of products and the recent acquisitions of Ranbar®, RoyOxy®, and Deltech product lines. Gabriel’s go-to-market approach features a strong R&D team offering new product solutions and application support for customers.

About Gabriel Performance Products

Gabriel Performance Products, LLC is a market-leader in epoxy curing agents, Phenoxy resins, alkyds, and specialty chemical manufacturing. It produces an extensive line of specialty products focused on Coatings, Adhesives, and Composites markets.

For additional information on Gabriel products, please visit www.gabrielchem.com

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