Written by Gabriel

Gabriel Launches New Phenoxy Additive for Anti-Corrosive Coatings

May 2020

Gabriel Performance Products (“Gabriel”), a U.S.-based leading specialty chemicals company serving the coatings, adhesives, and composite markets, announces the launch of a new product, PHENOXY PK-ZN40 as an additive for anti-corrosive coatings.

PHENOXY PK-ZN40 is a high molecular weight polymer with hydroxy functionality. When PK-ZN40 is used as an additive, it increases the adhesion, mechanical properties, and chemical resistance of the coating.

Addition of PK-ZN40 to an epoxy zinc-based anti-corrosive coating yields improved flexibility and impact resistance, higher chemical and corrosion resistance, and film properties with faster dry times. PK-ZN40 is a MEK-based solution; the addition of 5-10% on a dry basis greatly improves the performance and life of the coating.

Gabriel has experienced substantial growth through the introduction of its broad portfolio of products and the recent acquisitions of Ranbar®, RoyOxy® and Deltech product lines. Gabriel’s go-to market approach features a strong R&D team offering new product solutions and application support for customers.

Gabriel Performance Products, LLC is a market-leader in epoxy curing agents, Phenoxy resins, and specialty chemical manufacturing. It produces an extensive line of specialty products focused on Coatings, Adhesives, and Composites markets.

For additional information on PHENOXY PK-ZN40 and other Gabriel products, please visit www.gabrielchem.com