Process Development 

Gabriel can help you develop safe and economical processes for manufacturing specific products on a commercial scale. Our dedicated staff brings decades of manufacturing experience across a broad range of chemistries and handling of hazardous raw materials. Our focus is always to improve efficiencies and reduce overall waste in the manufacturing process.

We work closely with our customers on method development and documentation pertaining to new product introductions. Once commercialization is initiated, we maintain and update our current records in accordance with ISO standards, as well as maintaining and calibrating our laboratory equipment based on a set calibration schedule calendar. To safeguard a total quality environment and operations, we:

  • Verify incoming raw material quality to ensure finished product quality
  • Evaluate in-process samples for production monitoring
  • Analyze all final products to guarantee that only the highest quality, in-spec materials leave our warehouse
  • Use gas and liquid chromatographs that feature a vast array of columns, allowing us great diversity in analyzing many compounds
  • Measure viscosities of all ranges by means of glass capillary viscometers, bubble viscometers or mechanical viscometers

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