The Gabriel Advantage: High Performance, Complex Chemistries

From epoxy curing agents, such as mercaptans and liquid polyamide resins, and Phenoxy™ resins, we safely deliver products that meet your exact specifications. Our team of innovative engineers are experts in a variety of industries and enjoy helping customers identify and enhance products that promote growth.


Gabriel is the world-leading source of Phenoxy™ resins. High-performance chemistries enhance the properties of coatings, adhesives, inks, composites, fibers, plastics, electronic components, and more.

Phenoxy™ resins serve as performance-enhancing additives for epoxy systems and in select thermoplastic applications. They promote adhesion, improving performance in coatings for difficult to adhere to substrates, such as glass and polished metals. They serve as a strengthening enhancer in carbon fiber composites. They promote flexibility and boost chemical resistance in industrial and transportation applications.
Phenoxy™ Resins are distinguished by three distinctive characteristics, which combined provide unique characteristics for a wide range of compounds and applications:

  • Clear – haze values typically < 5
  • Tough – tensile strength 9000-9500 psi
  • Flexible – tensile elongation 50-100%

If you need to improve toughness, impact resistance, adhesion, or chemical resistance, Phenoxy can help!

Gabriel’s product line, Phenoxy™ PK™ meets the needs of end markets, such as:

  • Industrial & Construction
  • Automotive
  • Civil Engineering
  • Protective Coatings
  • Consumer DIY
  • Composites
  • Films
  • And More

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Our RoyOxy™ brand of epoxy resins help you quickly develop and react to your customer’s needs. We offer a broad range of standard and specialty epoxy resins as a service to allow you to purchase your complete formulation from a single source. Our solutions include assistance in formula development, application testing, and exceptional technical support.

  • Industrial & Marine Coatings
  • Concrete & Floor Coatings
  • Adhesives & Sealants
  • Aerospace & Industrial Composites
  • Electrical Components

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Gabriel’s product line, Ranbar® delivers a broad range of short, medium, and long oil alkyds, as well as a complete range of specialty and modified alkyds. While we offer offsets to most common grades, our specialty is in formulating and producing custom resin solutions that are tailored to your specific needs. Contact us to help you design an alkyd resin that is modified for your needs in any of the following applications:

  • Industrial & Civil coatings
  • Temporary Protective Coatings
  • Primers
  • Traffic Markings
  • Packaging
  • Electrical Varnishes

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Curing Agents

With superior quality and performance, Gabriel curing agents can be used throughout a variety of platforms: consumer and industrial adhesives; concrete grouts & repair compounds; fast-cure coatings and sealants; automotive adhesives; and more.

Our CAPCURE® and GABEPRO® Mercaptan Curing Agents are the premier solutions when you need extraordinarily fast curing rates (from 30 seconds to 30 minutes), low toxicity rates, and the ability to quickly cure in ambient & low temperatures and in thin films.
Developed at our facility in 1966 by Diamond Shamrock, mercaptans are epoxy curing agents with exceptionally rapid cure speed and hardness development properties for DIY consumer, automotive, construction and concrete markets, and various other industrial products. They offer a unique advantage of fast cure for both at ambient and low temperatures, and in thin films. Our wide selection of mercaptans offer cure speeds as fast as 40 seconds to five minutes, and up to 30 minutes. With excellent bond strength to glass, metal, concrete, and wood, and fast-set characteristics, our mercaptans are ideal for a number of industrial products and consumer adhesives (such as the “five-minute” consumer adhesives). They can also be used to accelerate other epoxy curing agents, including amines, polyamides and amidoamines.

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Polyamide Curing Agents are liquid polyamides that add versatility and provide a range of final, formulated properties. They have useful applications in industrial coatings, solvent-based maintenance coatings, primers, adhesives, joint sealants, and more. In addition to being low in toxicity with a unique combination of hardness and flexibility, Polyamide Curing Agents have a long pot life, promote strong adhesion, have low sensitivity to surface impurities, and offer short, tack-free times. Gabriel’s product line, Versamid® is the industry-leader in Polyamide Curing Agents.

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Amine Curing Agents are used in conjunction with amines, polyamides, amidoamines, mercaptans, polysulfides and anhydrides to accelerate epoxy curing. Amine Curing Agents are typically formulated on the hardener side and accelerate the epoxy-hardener reaction by opening the epoxy ring. Gabriel’s product lines, Versamid® and RoyOxy™, help deliver starting formulations and application testing for amine curing agents to meet the needs of manufacturers that need help speeding up their curing process.

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Leading manufacturers trust Gabriel to provide long-lasting water-based, solvent-based pipe coatings, paint, and electrical varnishes. From steel coatings, oil and gas, electrical conduits, and traffic marking paint, our product versatility and ability to deliver across multiple markets makes us a valuable partner.

Gabriel offers both water-based and solvent-based steel pipe coatings that are formulated to be both convenient and safe. Sold under Gabriel’s Ranbar® brand, the coatings offer a special corrosion and sag-resistant, fast-drying formula that shortens wait times. Due to low-to-zero VOCs, these products are classified as environmentally friendly. These products predominantly serve the Oil & Gas market. Gabriel also offers ID (inner diameter) slip coatings specific to the electrical conduit market.

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Gabriel’s Electrical Varnishes are sold under the Ranbar® and AEV® brands. We provide state-of-the-art solutions to serve the electrical distribution component, OEM motor design, and electric motor repair end markets. Available in water-solvent, solvent-based, and pigmented coatings, our electrical varnishes feature high voltage, wet winding formulas that use UI220 class epoxy and a high build core plate. The varnishes can be used to create or repair transformer coils, electrical components, and electrical windings. We also offer a range of pigmented coatings, potting compounds, and masking greases to support our customers in these markets.

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