Unmatched Experience and Vision 

Gabriel Performance Products is a leading chemical supplier, offering both an extensive line of specialty proprietary products and custom manufactured chemicals formulated to exact specifications. Gabriel offers the strength of a history several decades long teamed with a forward-looking vision of continually improving our products, processes and services to provide the highest quality products and comprehensive chemical solutions.

Throughout our organization, we embrace lean manufacturing principles. Even more important, we help enhance our customers’ efficiencies by working with them to reduce labor, materials, waste and environmental impact. In pursuing solutions to manufacturing and process challenges, we are prepared to work independently on your behalf or side-by-side with your professionals. Gabriel’s capabilities are outpaced only by our desire to deliver systematic solutions.

Our employees—At Gabriel, we are committed to achieving excellent quality, optimal efficiencies, and uncompromised health and environmental safety—all in an effort to help you achieve your goals.

Several of our employees have been at our facility for almost 50 years.  This depth of experience is uncommon in the industry. Each employee is committed to the highest standards for quality, service and efficiency, and an uncompromising regard for safety and environmental responsibility. This experience level, combined with a proven process and technology platform, and outstanding manufacturing flexibility, is the foundation upon which Gabriel’s position of industry leadership is based.

Our Community—One of Gabriel’s core principles is community responsibility. We take pride in being active in our community on a variety of levels, including educational outreaches, charity involvement and encouraging employee involvement. Below are just a few examples of how Gabriel gets involved.

  • Science fair judging at local elementary schools
  • Mentoring high school students
  • Paid college internships
  • United Way (Live United Top 10 Award 09-10) for more than 30 years
  • Christmas-Catholic Charities adopting a family every year
  • Community Advisory Panel
  • Red Cross volunteers
  • Local Emergency Planning Commission (LEPC) member
  • Ashtabula County Safety Council

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Gabriel Performance Products’ legacy dates to 1955, when the Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM) began developing what is today our 40-acre plant site in Ashtabula, Ohio. In 1962, the ADM plant was purchased by Diamond Shamrock Chemicals Company.  Diamond Shamrock greatly expanded the facility’s resources, including equipping it to perform product research and development. Occidental Chemical Company acquired Diamond Shamrock Chemicals in 1986 and further strengthened the plant’s capabilities and infrastructure.

Recognizing the continuing potential of the plant and its people, Gabriel Holdings purchased the facility in 2001 and formed Gabriel Performance Products. In 2014 Gabriel was purchased by Audax Capital, and embarked on their current buy and build strategy.  In 2015 Gabriel added an additional manufacturing facility in Rock Hill South Carolina, and two additional product families.  Today, Gabriel Performance Products delivers to the marketplace all the benefits of a proven and growing history as a chemical industry leader.

Gabriel goes far beyond compliance with applicable laws and regulations. In addition to being ISO 14000 and ISO 18000 certified, we look for opportunities to proactively make our company and community attractive places to work and live. We participate in the ChemStewards® program through the Society of Chemical Manufacturers and Affiliates (SOCMA), which affirms our focus on promoting innovative, safe and responsible operations.

Gabriel has also received numerous environmental, health and safety awards, which include:

  • 2015 Silver Award for EHS&S Planning and Operations
  • 2013 Educational Outreach Award
  • 2013 Silver Performance Improvement Award
  • 2012 Bronze Performance Improvement Award
  • 2011 Presidents Leadership Award for Excellence in Service
  • 2011 Bronze Performance Improvement Award
  • 2010 Bronze Performance Improvement Award
  • 2009 Silver Award for EHS&S Planning and Operations
  • 2008 and 2007 Resource Management & Waste Minimization
  • 2007 ChemStewards® Core Principles
  • 2006 and 2005 EHS&S Achievement Award
  • 2005 Excellence Award Superior EHS&S Achievements & Leadership
  • 2004 and 2002 Responsible Care® Achievement Award

Learn more about the ChemStewards® program and the Society of Chemical Manufacturers & Affiliates (SOCMA)

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