A mercaptan-based epoxy hardener that provides gel time of approximately 90 seconds with a standard Bisphenol A epoxy resin mixed at a 1:1 ratio under ambient conditions. This mercaptan-curing agent improves bonds between glass and metal, especially brass and bronze. GPM-890 CB is ideal for two-component mixing equipment in assembly line use when mixed at a 1:1 epoxy/hardener ratio. It can be used as a catalyst or co-curing material, where it will impart properties typical of mercaptans while providing improved adhesion.


  • Adhesives & coatings
  • Patching compounds
  • Road marker adhesives
  • Grouts and concrete repair products
  • Floor repairs
  • NSF potable water coatings
  • Joint sealants, anchor bolt adhesives
  • Automotive aftermarket repair compounds
  • Hobby and craft adhesives and coatings
  • DIY Consumer market (general purpose bonding)

Typical Properties


  • Colorless to slight yellow liquid
  • Odor: Sulfur-like
  • Specific Gravity: 1.13
  • Flash Point: >200 °F


  • Color, !
    Gardner: 2 max
  • Viscosity at 25°C, cP: 14000-18000 cP
  • Gel Time @ 25°C: 80-120 seconds