Versamid® F-11 is a medium viscosity amine-functional epoxy curing agent designed specifically for low temperature (< 32°F), fast curing of epoxy resins.

Versamid F-11 Manufacturing Location Notification

Key Features and Benefits

  • Excellent low temperature cure capabilities
  • Fast set films
  • Low odor
  • Good chemical and corrosion resistance
  • Eliminates drastic color changes associated with phenol catalyzed systems
  • Excellent resistance to film bloom and blush at high humidities
  • Excellent accelerator for Versamids® and Genami!

Chemical Composition

Modified aliphatic amine curing agent

Application Properties

Versamid® F-11 is a medium viscosity amine-functional epoxy curing agent that may be used as the sole curing agent and an accelerator for Versamid®, Genamid® or other Versamid® products. The fast-set characteristics of this product coupled with the wide temperature use range, has given it a great deal of utility in areas such as industrial, marine and maintenance coatings, civil engineering applications, and as fast-set adhesives either at lower or elevated temperatures. It is also useful for fast-set concrete bonding and patching compounds.

Regulatory Status

TSCA (USA), DSL (Canada), PICCS (Philippines), AICS (Australia), ENCS/MITI (Japan), IECSC (China), EINECS (EU)

Package, Storage, Handling

Versamid® F-11 may absorb moisture and carbon dioxide if left in open containers, which may result in an increased viscosity a!
nd some foaming when curing epoxy resins. Therefore, it should be kept in tightly closed containers when not in use and stored in a cool, dry place. Properly stored and protected from moisture, an unopened container of Versamid® F-11 should have a shelf life of two years.


Size: 5 gal Pail, Quart