CAPCURE® 3-800

A mercaptan-terminated polymer used as a liquid curing agent with unique rapid-cure characteristics for epoxy resins at ambient temperatures. Capcure® 3-800 imparts rapid cure rates on systems at low temperatures and in thin films, and is a low toxicity compound with exceptional color. It can also be used to accelerate other epoxy curing agents, such as amines, polyamides and amidoamines.


CAPCURE® 3830-81

Amine-catalyzed epoxy curing mercaptan formulated for quick sets at room temperature. Capcure® 3830-81 can be used as the single curing agent, or as an accelerator for amine or amide chemistries. In addition to low toxicity, Capcure® 3830-81 has an exceptional low-temperature cure capability and accelerated cure times of three to five minutes.



A mercaptan-based epoxy hardener that provides gel times of 40 seconds with a standard Bisphenol A epoxy resin mixed at a 1:1 ratio under ambient conditions. This mercaptan-curing agent improves bonds between glass and metal, especially brass and bronze. It is ideal for two-component mixing equipment in assembly line use when mixed at a 1:1 epoxy/hardener ratio. Capcure® 40 Sec HV can be used as a catalyst or co-curing material, where it will impart properties typical of mercaptans while providing improved adhesion.


CAPCURE® 3850-101

An easy-to-use epoxy curing agent with reduced odor, Capcure® 3850-101 provides a non-yellowing casting color. The amine additive in Capcure® 3850-101 is formaldehyde free and is less sensitive to the addition of a chelator that can be used help reduce skinning problems.