Gabriel Phenoxies, Inc. – Your Global Source for Phenoxy Resins

Gabriel Phenoxies is the world’s leading manufacturer of Phenoxy Resins. Many of our resins have been used to enhance performance in coatings, inks, adhesives, and composites for over 35 years, and new formulations are being developed all the time to meet ever-changing performance standards and market needs.

Phenoxy Resin Product Categories

Phenoxy Resin Products


Our ISO 9002 certified facility in Rock Hill, South Carolina, USA, service customers worldwide. Gabriel also has a chemical production facility in Ashtabula, Ohio, USA.

Major Products

Gabriel produces Phenoxy Resin in pellets, powders, waterborne solutions, and solvent-borne solutions, as well as epoxy and polyester hybrids and caprolactone-modified phenoxy. Learn more in our products section.


The Gabriel Resin product line is used for can and container coatings, wire coatings, fiber sizings, inks, adhesives, composites, plastics and electronics manufacturing, plus other appications. At Gabriel new product development is the norm, not the exception. We foster an environment where creativity is encouraged.

Our Technologies

We have modified the Phenoxy molecule to offer its superior adhesion, flexibility and chemical resistance properties to water and solvent-borne, powder, EB and cationic cure systems. We also offer very low viscosity epoxy acrylates and epoxy methacrylates.