PKCP-67: Medium Low-Tg Caprolactone-Grafted Phenoxy Resin

PKCP-67 Typical Properties
80-300 Viscosity, cPs @ 25°C (1)
97 min. Solids Wt. %
200 max. Color (1), Pt-Co
15 max. Haze (1), %
22,500 Mn (av.), Daltons
68,000 Mw (av.). Daltons
Appearance White to Amber Color
50-55 OH# (Primary)
130-135 OH# (Total)
Comments 100% NV solid-grade Phenoxy resin with caprolactone grafting modification on the backbone hydoxyls to provide for internal plasticization and the introduction of pendant primary hydroxyl groups
(1) 20% solution in cyclohexanone

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