Standard Solid Grades

Visc.¹ MW² M.I.³ Tg, °C Features
PKHA 100-179 25000 65 80 Long chain linear poly hydroxy ethers with     different molecular weights giving excellent adhesion, impact and abrasion resistance, flexibility and chemical resistance.

Preferred toughener for epoxy and phenolic resins.

X-linked Phenoxy Resin gives excellent heat resistance and solvent resistance.

The standard polymer = PKHH, other grades available at customer’s request.

PKHB 180-280 32000 60 84
PKHB+ 281-409 37000 <30 87
PKHC 410-524 43000 <15 89
PKHH 525-715 52000 4 92
PKHJ 600-775 57000 <4 95
PKFE 600-895 60000 <4 98
PKHP-200 475-715 52000 4 92 Micronized powder version of PKHH

  • Coatings: Wire coating. PCB coatings. Coatings for flexible and rigid packaging.
  • Can & Coil coatings. Pipe coatings. Metal primers. Tie layers. Clear wood coatings. Plastic coatings. Glass coatings.
  • Composites: Prepregs, Preform, Sizing and Fabrics impregnation.
  • Plastics: Compatibilizer. Molding & Extrusion.
  • Adhesives: Structural adhesives. Hotmelts.
  • Films: Available as requested.
¹ Visc. = Viscosity in Cp at 25°C, 20% solution in cyclohexanone ²MW = Average Molecular weight (Daltons) ³MI = Melt index at 200°C in g/10 min
Standard Solid Grades Primary Distinctions or Attributes
PKHA Pellets The lowest molecular weight grade available
PKHB Pellets The lowest molecular weight grade available
PKHB+ Pellets Medium-low molecular weight grade
PKHC Pellets General purpose medium molecular weight grade
PKHH Pellets Standard grade for most applications
PKHJ Pellets Medium-high molecular weight grade
PKFE Pellets Highest molecular weight grade available; lowest VOC
PKHP-200 Powder Micronized PKHH grade; <200 microns
PKHP-80 Powder Micronized PKHH grade; <80 microns