PKHB: Low Molecular Weight Grade Phenoxy Available in Pellet Form

PKHB Typical Properties
180 – 280 Viscosity (1), cP at 25° C
99 min. Solids (2) Wt. %
200 max. Color (1), APHA
15 max. Haze (1), %
pellets Physical Form
9,500 Mn (av.), Daltons
32,000 Mw (av.). Daltons
84 Tg, °C, (DSC)
60 g/10 min. Melt Index at 200°C
112 Melt Viscosity (5), Poise at 200°C
1.18 Specific Gravity (6)
Comments The lowest molecular weight grade available
(1) 20% solution in cyclohexanone

(2) gravimetric, 3 hours at 135°C

(3) gravimetric, 3 hours at 80°C then I hour at 220°C

(5) at 1034 s-1

(6) fused, at 25°C

For more information, download these PDFs:

PKHB Baking System With Phenolic for Direct To Metal and Automotive

PKHB Cut in PM Acetate for Direct To Metal and Plastic

PKHB Solid Grade Anti-Graffiti Clear Coating with T-Butyl Acetate

PKHB Solid Grade Urethane 2K Anti-Graffiti Coating

PKHB Urethane 2K Anti-Graffiti Clear Coating

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