Gabriel Phenoxy PKHS-40 LW is a 40% NV solution of Phenoxy resin (PKHH grade) in methyl ethyl ketone (MEK).

Phenoxy resins (polyhydroxyethers) are tough, ductile, amorphous polymers having excellent thermal stability, adhesive and cohesive strength, and excellent vapor barrier properties. Phenoxy resins also react with crosslinkers like isocyanates, phenolic and melamine resins along the backbone hydroxyl groups. PKHS-40 LW provides for ease of handling in a medium viscosity pumpable fluid.

PKHS-40 LW can be reduced with additional MEK to attain lower viscosities, however below about 22% solids, the solution becomes unstable. The addition of 1% by weight of water will permit stable solutions below 22% solids. Solutions of PKHS-40 LW can be blended with solvent miscible crosslinkers & hardeners. Coatings of PKHS-40 LW exhibit excellent levels of flexibility and hardness when appropriately cured.

Safety and Handling

Gabriel Phenoxy PKHS-40 LW is sold in 55-gallon drums net weight of 408 pounds (185 kg). PKHS-40 LW is indefinitely stable at normal storage conditions. PKHS-40 LW is flammable and should be stored accordingly.

Avoid contact with skin, eyes, and the breathing of any fumes associated with heated quantities of PKHS-40 LW. Wear OSHA standard respirators, gloves, and other appropriate PPE when handling large quantities of PKHS-40 LW. Consult the product MSDS for additional information on properties, hazards, and handling.

The Phenoxy polymer in PKHS-40 LW is approved under regulations of the United States Food and Drug Administration for use in food contact and packaging applications.

IMPORTANT : This information is not to be taken as a warranty or representation for which Gabriel Phenoxies, Inc. assumes legal responsibility nor as permission or recommendation to practice any patented invention without a license. It is offered solely for your consideration, investigation, and verification. Since your specific use application and conditions of use are beyond Gabriel Phenoxies, Inc.’s control, you must determine the suitability of the products and the suggestions mentioned herein for your specific application.


Percent Solids 40%
Water 0.3% max.
Viscosity 4500 – 7000 cP

@ 25°C

Color 200 max. (APHA)
Mw(av.) 55,000 daltons



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