Product Development

Huntsman Advanced Materials gives your product the edge it needs to stay competitive and lead the market. Our team of chemists and engineers can modify existing products or formulate entirely new products that satisfies your niche market. The result is a superior product that is more efficiently produced without sacrificing performance.

  • This process usually begins with an unmet customer need
  • Huntsman Advanced Materials R&D team initiates new product development collaboration with customer
  • Samples and data are exchanged to verify performance
  • This helps the customer achieve superior performance and/or removes some operating costs

Technical Bulletins

Here at Huntsman Advanced Materials, we’re constantly striving to learn more about what our products can do, and how they can provide solutions for our customers.

In this section, please find helpful bulletins, information about our products.

Mercaptan Skinning_Technical Awareness Jan 2019

NEW!! Capcure 3-800 Lap Shear on Steel Bulletin March 2019

Starting Formulations & Product Recommendation Guidelines

Ready to move into a new market or launch a new application? You don’t have to do it alone. Huntsman Advanced Materials provides solutions to help you along the way. From manufacturing innovative starting formulas to identifying potential partners, we use every available resource to ensure the success of your product.

Here are a few product recommendation guidelines to get you started:

  1. What’s the type of application? (Coating? Adhesive? Composite? Ink? Concrete? etc)
  2. What type of system are you needing? (Solvent-free, Powder, Water-borne, Solvent-based)
  3. What kind of chemistry? (Epoxy, Alkyd, Polyester, Melamine, Polyurea, Acrylic, Phenolic, Silicone, Polyaspartic, other?)
  4. What’s the curing condition and/or processing time?
  5. Technique of application? (Spray? Filament winding, Pultrusion, Syringe, Hand Lay-up, Prepreg, Brush/roller?)
  6. Let our knowledgeable sales team contact you to ensure all your questions or needs like environment or other mechanical properties are answered.  Click HERE to have a sales person contact you ASAP. We look forward to partnering!

Custom Manufacturing

Our full-service customization process begins with designing a product that meets your specific needs and continues through initial market penetration. Our experienced team of professionals are prepared to take on even the most challenging chemistries and can conduct multi-step syntheses, as needed.

A Customer-Driven R&D Team

Dedicated R&D teams are located in Ohio, South Carolina, and Pennsylvania. All facilities have enhanced capabilities that allow them to evaluate polymer physical properties and analyze performance characteristics for specific applications. Our engineers can also perform research, such as developing new molecules or synthesis process, performance, and characteristics testing.

Scalable, Flexible Solution

Our resources are vast enough to handle large-scale, national projects at the same speed as small batch, niche orders. We are one of the few companies in our markets that has the flexibility to move from moderate to large scale jobs without missing a beat.

Verified Testing

Quality assurance is something our customers can always count on at Huntsman Advanced Materials. Every piece of incoming raw material is verified and must pass Huntsman Advanced Materials’ strict standards before it is can be used in our manufacturing facilities. We also evaluate all in-process samples for production monitoring and conduct DSC, TGA, DMA, and GPC tests.

In-house capabilities include:

  • Physical properties – DSC, TGA, DMA, tg, molecular weight
  • Mechanical properties – tensile strength, modulus, elongation, compression, 3-point bend, lap shear, etc.
  • Chemical analysis – gc/ms, hplc, gpc, ftir
  • Cure rate – gel time, pot life, etc.
  • Hardness – shore d, pencil, koenig
  • Particle size analyzer
  • Lab scale paint grinding equipment

Application Testing

Huntsman Advanced Materials’ application testing laboratory provides analysis and advisory services to support your needs and to help you understand your product’s fundamental properties and chemical composition. With expertise covering the coating, adhesive, sealant, and electrical varnish markets, Huntsman Advanced Materials can help you advance your technology, leading you to superior results.